Master Percussionist


Sacred Storyteller 

Will is available for solo and group performances! Email inquiries are welcome. 

In the hands of a master, the drum tells the story of the Soul. Master Percussionist and indigenous world percussion expert Will Ruiz deftly weaves rhythm, passion, story, and soul into vibrant performances that give audiences a glimpse of the richness of world cultures. Will's unparalleled energy and warmhearted charm make the complex beauty of African, Taino, North and South American Native, and Caribbean percussion accessible to all. 


Master Percussionist Will Ruiz Leading Sacred Drum Circles For Men and Women

The drum circle is an intense, renewing experience that connects the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the Human Being and unifies them for a more holistic way of life. This ancient ritual combines the energy of rhythm with the power of intention to make inner transformation possible. Let Will introduce you to your primal, passionate, liberated self through the power of the drum.

Rhythm. Passion. Soul

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