PASSION and pulse. Rhythm like rivers flowing. The beating heart of the drums, stirring your soul like rapid breaths of FIRE. In the master's hands the drum lives, chanting tales of glory, desire, ascension, and ecstasy. The true journey of the SOUL is a long one, and TOGETHER man and drum have walked the ancient paths since the days of old. Can YOU feel the beat?

What could be more satisfying than a life dedicated to a single, all-consuming passion?


Master Percussionist Will Ruiz has tasted this sweet satisfaction over the decades of his storied career in pursuit of his true love--music. From sensuous African drums carved from exotic hardwoods to enchanting hand-strung custom Indian bells, percussion instruments become magic in Will's hands. He translates and transforms music from many diverse genres into his own unique and authentic percussive tapestry of sound.


Will started playing percussion in a New Jersey garage as a starry-eyed teen. Countless hours of intense solo practice and local boy-band gigs later, Will's talents resulted in a thriving career that took him all over the globe. From Egypt to Indonesia to Jamaica to Puerto Rico and many other places, Will performed with master indigenous drummers from a number of major percussion traditions around the world. 

Over the years, Will crafted his own unique musical style combining influences from a wide array of contemporary and traditional musical influences. He has collaborated in brilliant performance with Middle-Eastern dancers, jazz legends, colorful storytellers, spiritual healers, Classical instrumentalists, children's performers, and many more.


Will's one-of-a-kind brand of Tropical Percussive Jazz weaves sweet strands of island rhythms, contemporary jazz, Latin percussion, West African dance music, and rock.


It's dripping with jewel-toned sounds of the lush rainforest, sensual vibrations of the painted desert, and heart-pounding rhythms of urban life. His sonic art creates audio images that transport listeners to the magnificent dreamscapes of the native world.

Prompted by supportive audiences and friends of music, Will has developed drum circle ceremonies and music clinics for people from all walks of life. He incorporates his special style of music with the indigenous shamanic rituals associated with spiritual drumming he learned through his travels. He makes these processes accessible, relevant, and fun for modern Western audiences. Will has helped thousands of people get in touch with their inner rhythm and authentic Self and looks forward to continuing the journey together with many more. 


Here's to rhythm, passion, and soul...

by A. Shelley Rich 

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Rhythm. Passion. Soul

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